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    Air Conditioning Units Services Kitchener

    Air Conditioning Units Installation Repair & Maintenance Kitchener

    The right air conditioning system can make a big financial difference in the long run. Air conditions are an essential part of our client’s daily life, especially during the hot Greater Toronto Area summer months. We provide reliable installation services as well as effective and durable cooling solutions for better humidity control and precise temperature requirements. Because at Comfort Care, we believe that buying a new air conditioner should be a smooth and painless experience, especially in surrounding areas such as Richmond Hill, Vaughan & Thornhill.

    Air Conditioning Units Repair & Maintenance Kitchener

    When it comes to fast and professional air conditioner repairs, an excellent reputation means everything. Comfort Care Inc has a proven track record for high quality air condition maintenance and repair on projects all around the GTA. Wasting no time and keeping you informed throughout the process. We provide perfected and timely services with solutions to your air conditioning frustrations. Advising on the recommendations, maintenance, replacement products and even minor adjustments.

    Communicating Furnace and AC

    The outstanding features of a communicating HVAC System:


    • Used with some two-stage and all variable-capacity HVAC systems
    • Require just four wires – two power wires for heating and cooling and two for communication between components
    • When communicating equipment is installed, the thermostat searches for the components in similar fashion to how your smartphone searches for a Bluetooth speaker you want it to pair with.
    • Once the thermostat and components are paired, the components communicate to the thermostat what their capabilities are in terms of heating and cooling capacity and, for blower motors, how much air they can move through the system, which allows the thermostat to set up optimal performance
    • Each component has an electronic address, so the thermostat knows where the data is coming from and can send data back to that component to control its operation
    • A computerized serial network allows each component to send ongoing performance data that refines performance
    • Indoor and outdoor sensors allow the thermostat control to determine and communicate exactly how much heating or cooling, dehumidification or humidification and air flow are required to keep the home optimally comfortable

    We would not let you settle for a lower quality Communicating System. We would like you to benefit from the Infinity® System by Carrier®.

    The Infinity® System by Carrier® is a cutting-edge communicating furnace and AC technology which goes beyond the average main stream manufacturers achievements. The Infinity® System by Carrier® will personalize your home’s indoor climate, and it simultaneously helps you make smarter decisions about energy management with both intuitive adaptation and controllable options. The Infinity® System is the innovative, efficient and simple answer to your indoor environment needs.