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    Furnace Installation Services Thornhill

    High Efficiency Furnace Installations Thornhill

    Comfort Care provides furnace installation services to all homes and businesses within the Greater Toronto Area. As the winters of Ontario are not forgiving, and the effects of your furnace are long lasting, and play a large role in perfecting the comfort within your home. Upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace is a safe heating source, provides more reliability, and ultimately can reduce your energy bills. With the help of our staff, we can guide you through a number of options, choosing the most suitable furnace for your home and provide you with top-tier installation services.

    Furnace Repair & Maintenance Thornhill

    If your furnace gas or electric furnace is not working up to standard, we can provide a highly skilled technician to help troubleshoot and efficiently resolve your problem. The cost of a breaking down furnace, can be sitting in the discomfort of an unbearable cold room, which is not appropriate during the cold temperatures we face here in the Greater Toronto area. Our HVAC technicians are up to date on the latest innovations and can help you get the best out of your equipment.

    Communicating Furnace and AC

    A communicating HVAC System involves higher upfront cost (about cost 20 to 50 percent). In return a communicating system delivers the following outstanding features:


    • Assuring higher efficiency performance
    • Schedule and control the capacity of heat and cool units based outdoor air temperature
    • Optimizing the indoor climate control
    • Providing all the features of the high tier furnace and AC
    • Integrating all Heat/Cool/Ventilation Components in one Wall Controller. (Integration of humidifier, filtration system and HRV with furnace and central AC wall thermostat
    • Internet of Things (IoT): Providing the option to connect with advanced smart home automation systems like “Control 4” home automation platform

    We would not let you settle for a lower quality Communicating System. We would like you to benefit from the Infinity® System by Carrier®.

    The Infinity® System by Carrier® is a cutting-edge communicating furnace and AC technology which goes beyond the average main stream manufacturers achievements. The Infinity® System by Carrier® will personalize your home’s indoor climate, and it simultaneously helps you make smarter decisions about energy management with both intuitive adaptation and controllable options. The Infinity® System is the innovative, efficient and simple answer to your indoor environment needs.