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    Geothermal System Design and Installation

    Geothermal System for New Houses

    Building a new home/commercial building sets the owner with lots of decisions, even when it comes to heating and cooling options all around the planning process. Geothermal, being one of them, can stand out, efficiency and cost wise. Our GTA based, highly trained and certified staff work with you to design the right heating and cooling solution that are energy saving, environmentally friendly and built to last you many years into the future. A typical heat pump can reduce heating and cooling energy consumption within a home by up to 60-70%. A properly designed and installed geothermal heating and cooling system will provide a perpetual source of cost effective, environmentally friendly home heating and cooling. Let Comfort Care be the experts, so you don’t have to be.

    Geothermal System for Existing Houses (Retrofit/Upgrade from Gas Furnace)

    A geothermal heat pump uses the constant temperature underground as the exchange medium for heating and cooling, instead of outside air, this being one of the leading energy saving solutions in homes today. Comfort Care Inc technicians are specially trained in the GTA for all geothermal installations. From facilitating the planning for the best way to integrate the system into your current residence, to installation, Comfort Care Inc will consult and equip your home for the best results.

    The Proven Features:

    How about over 400% efficiency? It is amazing, isn’t it? Yes, that is the efficiency of a geothermal unit in a typical installation in Richmond Hill or Vaughan will generate four to five kilowatts of heat for every kilowatt of electricity used.


    • The generated heat is a renewable.
    • How about a hot water generator attached to your geothermal system?


    Yes, geothermal system can divert a portion of the supplied heat to your domestic water system. This means with a very low cost, geothermal system can generate a substantial portion of your household hot water needs.

    How does a Geothermal System work?

    • In summer (Cooling Mode): A Geothermal system transfers heat from your home space to the earth
    • In Winter (Heating Mode): A Geothermal system transfers heat from the earth to your home space
    • Circulating water (mostly glycol solution) is used as the medium for heat transfer
    • The circulating water runs through a closed loop piping system buried in the ground.

    Economic Benefits

    • Reduce operating costs because of higher efficiencies in both heating and cooling modes when compared to competing systems
    • Reduced electrical peak demand in the cooling mode
    • Unlike air source heat pumps, there is no “defrost cycle” required to remove ice from the condenser coil in the heating mode
    • Reduced maintenance costs primarily due to all equipment being located in conditioned space on underground
    • Extended equipment life span and unbeatable long-term life cycle cost performance
    • Reduced replacement costs because ground coupling methods generally have a useful life in excess of 50 years
    • Optional auxiliary heat, if desired, for emergency purposes, but not required for supplemental heat like air source heat pumps
    • Optional desuperheater that can potentially meet a substantial portion of hot water needs year round