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    Hot Water Floor Heating System Design and Installation

    Hot water floor heating systems are the alternative for your basic radiators and can be installed under almost every type of flooring. They radiate heat under your floors through pipes which run water from the boiler or other devices such as a solar heater ground source heat pump. The benefits are vast, from helping you heat larger areas, to distributing evenly and constantly around rooms, the best one of all, it can raise the value of your home. Being easy to maintain, you can keep rooms warm at your liking, and choose not to turn it on in commonly unused spaces.

    Being a heavy-duty process, there does come a lot of benefits through it, as previously mentioned. Comfort Care Inc will help you whether you’re buying a new home or renovating your current one, talk to us about the potential for installing this system in your home throughout the Richmond Hill & Vaughan Areas.

    The Benefits of a Heating System:

    • More Comfortable and cozy
    • More efficient
    • Perfect control over the heat distribution
    • Consistent temperature throughout the house
    • Zoned system, each space can have its own thermostat for temperature control
    • Keeping non occupied in lower temperature which yields to more energy saving
    • More reliable

    Unobtrusive Which Means:

    • Felt but not seen
    • No radiators
    • Super quiet as there is no fan or blower noise

    There are two main radiant floor heating system:

    • Hydronic (using hot water circulation through in-floor tubes)
    • Electric (using electricity and in-floor cables)

    Radiant floor heating or under-floor heating systems in locations such as Richmond Hill or Vaughan is a method of heating your home by applying heat underneath or within the floor. You can compare this method of heating system when you are warming yourself in the sunshine. Through this type of heating “the objects” are warmed as opposed to warming the air surrounding yourself. So as the first things come to our mind, by using this method we can achieve more comfort and save on energy.